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Upstarz Travel Tennis

provides expert, personalized Tennis experiences in amazing settings. 

Our staff of professional coaches have had the chance to play at the most amazing courts around the world during their travels.  Its our purpose to share that experience to players with the passion to join us for a great adventure.

When you travel with us, you also support local communities and help make the world a little bit better for everyone. You get the chance to meet local junior athletes to give them a helping hand that no one else could. 

Upstarz Academy

Leewood Golf Club

Get playing at Leewood Golf Club.  We have a full range of specialized Tennis programs to get the whole family active this summer.


Tennis Events

The Tennis Essentials is the roadmap to making those lasting changes right now.  Get information on the next big event here.

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3 rules for Good Doubles

The 3 progressive rules to deal with players rushing the net. 1.Hit to the open space Get the ball away from the closest danger.  Open space gives...

Poach like you mean it

The volleyer should be the most effective and aggressive player on the court.  Watch this video for the simple plan to make yourself into a killer...

Using hand signals

Making sure you and your partner are on the same page makes a huge difference under pressure. When you lose a point or start a new game the volleyer...

Find your Flow

The Flow state pushes humans to their state of optimal performance. Changes occur in the brain which accelerate complex decision making. Pattern...

Serve to win

Do you lose to the same people all the time? It might not be that they have some magical talent that you don"t. They are probably just playing with...

Tennis elbow fix!

Elbow pain can be a hard injury to shake for a tennis player.  Taking a holistic approach can save you from big scary needles and drugs that only...


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