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Tennis is an amazing game that challenges your body and mind.  Its an addiction that makes you stronger and keeps you searching for more.  Upstarz gives you the opportunity and the resources to find your way to better tennis.  Join us at one of our events and access all the resources you need to improve without limit.  You get to build on your own success and support other players on the same path by sharing experiences and video of your skills.     

Check  out the site

Click around, check out the videos and articles have a good time!! 

Find your level 

Read the Level explanation and watch players videos in that Level.  If you can perform all the skills then that’s your starting point. Once you feel you have completed the level you can challenge yourself to the next.

Compare to other players

A lot of really cool things happen when you start watching the videos.  It changes how your brain works and responds to your body.  You will get a head start to lasting physical changes without picking up a racquet.   See what your doing right by watching people at your level, see what you need to work on by watching people at the next level.

Join groups and come out to the events to test your skills

Specialized events are designed to work on relevant skills that make a difference right now. Work with people on the same path as you and learn the tactics to win matches now.

Take a trip with us to amazing destinations Test your skills at one of our premium destinations.  More are being added every day!!

Connect with professionals to get the edge on the competition

When you need some inspiration connect with leaders in the industry.   Read through articles available for common problems at your level.  See what coaches have been working on and how they can help you.



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