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Adult Tennis

Tennis is a great way to keep your body fit and your mind sharp. It improves balance and body coordination and improves speed, strength and flexibility. But perhaps the best thing about tennis at Leewood is that you can exercise and play while having a great time with great people.  


Get involved and start your summer of tennis. Check out the scheduler at the bottom of the page for dates and times.

  Beginner Join one of the Playing skills clinics online, or visit the courts get playing right now.

  Competition ready Sign up for a Specialty Clinics online or take a Private to help get your game together.

 Match ready Join one of our Events or Matchplay days. If you already have a group you play with, email to get your group lesson time booked.  

Special Calendar Events are planned throughout the summer. Join our mailing list for all the tennis news and coming activities




 * Click on the Item to go directly to the scheduler to choose your dates to play. 

Tennis And Cocktails 3.0+

A truly fun social event using team games and active drills you will have a great time like adult summer camp. $50

Playing Skills clinic 2.0+

Get started and play right now.  Practice all the court skills you will need to get going and play with friends at the club.  Tennis is a hard game to play on your own.  Join the group for fun active progressions that keep you improving while having a great time.   $50

Matchplay skills Clinic 2.5+

Player who are ready to play! Tactical and technical drills to improve your skills, with a coach to help keep you on track and having fun.   $50

Play and Drill 3.0+

This clinic is focused on point play and rally construction players get to practice the patterns of play used during a match.  Using modified points and loaded matchplay the coach will work on your tactical muscles. $50

Tactical Cardio 3.0+

Get the best start to your day with a tennis workout.  You won’t realize how hard you are pushing because you are having so much fun.    $50

Pickleball play and drill 3.0+

A coach organized event making sure you get the best possible games at your level.  Warm up with a pro to get you going and enjoy fun competitive matches organized by the pro. 


 Work with the pro to get your technique to the next level with one on one instruction.

 Lessons can be booked in any free court time that suits your schedule.  

 *Click on heading to go straight to scheduler to choose available times

 Private   $80 *Package 5 pack get 1 hr private for free(6 in total)   $400

 Semi Private   $50 pp

 Email to organize own Group   nbrown@leewoodgolfclub.org 

 3 person Group 1hr          $50 per

 4 person group   1hr         $40 per

 3 person group   1.5hr       $55 per

 4 person group  1.5hr        $45 per

Leewood has Two Har tru courts available for members use during the summer season.   To book a court for play:  Follow the link below to go to the online scheduler.   All you need is your member number and an email address.  Create an account for easy access and updates. 

Book a court online

For after hours play or when the pool is closed balls will be available from the front desk or snack bar for purchase.  A golf cart will also be available at the cart garage next to the 18th hole to ferry players to the courts when the pool is not accessible.   

Junior Tennis

Junior tennis is designed at LGC to suit players based on their skill level and their developmental readiness.  Tennis has been scaled down to size, with smaller racquets, lower-bouncing balls and shorter courts, kids have success playing right from the start.  As they mature and grow the challenge of tennis grows with them.    Choose individual days you would like to play or choose from one of the Summer passes. Junior classes are conveniantly scheduled after the Club day camp for those kids who want to get more out of their tennis. 


   Sign up for a Play Day, players get the opportunity to develop their skills as they play.  Modified matches allow kids to be successful right away.  They get to compete together in team based competition with players similar in age and skill level.  Mixed in with tons of fun games and team work they will love staying active for the summer.


Special events through the season                                                         The play day is a modified inhouse match day.  Using team based match play and games it’s a perfect way for kids to get engaged with their tennis skills. Children learn to serve, rally and score at a younger age and with less frustration.  All levels and ages will be paired with other players that they will have a fun and challenging time with. They are playing real tennis right away and get to play with the camaraderie of a Team.

Clinics are tailored to the players needs at every stage of their development. The balls, equipment and space are all modified to the different stages of the players growth and maturation.   As they grow, the space and skills change to push their athletic and tactical progression.  Starting with team based challenges, players are given the chance to excel as part of the tennis community and as an individual.

All players in a Junior Clinic are eligible to represent Leewood Golf club in the inter club matches.  They will follow the MITL format U9 coed, U11,U13, U16 boys and girls where available.  Challenge schedules will be set during July and August, for more information email Nigel @                  tennispro@leewoodgolfclub.org

Tennis Schedule

Check out the program times for the season and available courts for play.

Go to the scheduler at the bottom of the
page to get updated availability.

Summer Schedule

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